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A research tool

Credits & usage conditions

Intellectual property

Foster Forest is protected by license IDDN.FR.001.350008.000.S.P.2020.000.30200 (French Agency of Program Protection). Its use and broadcast are free and open-access, but the following conditions must be accounted for.

Scientific posture

Foster Forest conception is in line with the principles of companion modelling:

Participating to Foster Forest does not imply to take any part in any actions following a workshop. This posture allows the workshops to really be open to discussions and to the exploration of novel ideas.

To whom who would use Foster Forest

To set a Foster Forest workshop, game facilitators must understand that:

  1. Foster Forest was developed in a multifunctional vision of forests, where ecological, productive and social forest services are treated equally. Transforming the software or the leaflets is the sole responsibility of the person modifying them.

  2. Organizing a workshop induces a clear explanation of the objectives of the participatory simulations to the participants, and informing them of the existence of this website.

  3. Neither Foster Forest team nor AgroParisTech can be taken for responsible of what happens during a workshop. Yet, the team stays at your disposal for further questions on the use of Foster Forest (see the Contact page).

Financial support

This work was supported by a grant overseen by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the “Investments d’Avenir” Programme (LabEx BASC; ANR-11-LABX-0034). The funding source had no involvement in this research.