Prospective / A tool to accompany the adaptation of foresters to climate change

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A research tool, Foster Forest also exists in an alternate, ‘Prospective’ version.

A Foster Forest workshop can be used to simulate very strong climate change on a forested region, in order to induce participants thinking about non-technical innovations. Reversible, no-regrets solutions can be calibrated for shorter term than long term technical solutions.

The ‘Prospective’ version can also be included to forestry lessons.

Why ?

Most of the tools on adaptation to climate change rely on technical visions of forestry.

Examples : shortened rotations; replacement of forest species on a stand; assisted migration; …

Yet, if technical adaptations are necessary, they might not be efficient in any place, at any time, for any climate risk. Complementary approaches can be useful for the resilience of multifunctional forest services.

These adaptations, even indirect, are based on diversifying not only forest technical itineraries, but also the way humans use forests. In Foster Forest, these adaptations can – among other – rely on forest services such as carbon storage, increasing demand for quality timber, etc.

For who?

For any institution in charge of environmental management, forest operations or aiming at a collective reflection on adaptation to climate change in forest systems.

Examples: a regional natural park involved into a LIFE project; a federation of cities willing to rise awareness on forest adaptation to climate change; a university training foresters; …


As for the ‘Research’ version, this version of Foster Forest combines a software and game leaflets.

To know more about it, please refer to the downloads page.

What differences with the ‘Research’ version?

This new version is easier to work with, thanks to a visual interface more intuitive. It comprises less forest plots (32 stands instead of 50). It is more focused on the adaptation to climate change (hunting is no more a matter of concern for the players). It explicitly offers adaptations to the players.